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How to Apply Decal Stickers using a Dry Application

How to Apply Decal Stickers using a Dry Application

Ever wondered how to apply decal stickers, this How to explains the dry application method used to apply small to medium size Decal Stickers to firm, clean, dry surfaces.Dry application is a safer application method because the decal sticker reaches its final adhesion quicker than using the wet application method.

The lowest application temperature for applying decal stickers on flat or slightly curved surfaces is 10°C.

This method is used when a small to medium Decal Sticker needs to be applied to a selected surface. Using this method is a “one chance” type method. Once the Decal Sticker touches the surface it can not be re positioned a second time.

Following is directions on how to apply Decal Stickers:

  • Make sure the selected surface has been well cleaned and is free from dust and fluff! how to apply a decal sticker
  • First peel your decal sticker away from the wax paper backing. It will come with application tape holding the pieces or letters together. Leave the application tape and remove only the wax paper at this point. To do this, lay your vinyl decal sticker face down on a flat clean surface. Try to find an environment that it is free from wind and weather conditions. From one corner, peel back the wax paper in a diagonal direction keeping the wax paper flat against itself. You will find that you are almost “rolling” the wax paper off. Watch the decal sticker as it appears from under the wax paper as you go. Peel at a slow and steady rate. If you find that part of the decal sticker starts to lift with the wax paper push the wax paper back down and press firmly over the lifting decal sticker and the peel again. You will find that with practice, this can be done with minimum effort.

how to apply decals stickers

  • Once the wax paper has been totally removed you will be ready to apply your decal sticker.
    You will then hold your decal sticker above your desired surface using your thumb and forefinger to hold each corner of the longest side. Hold one side up above the surface while lowering the other down to touch the surface until the decal sticker has a firm hold on the surface. Then while holding the decal sticker tight push the decal sticker down onto the surface using a squeegee or a soft cloth or even a credit card as you slowly lower the other hand down to meet the surface working towards the end that is still in the air.
    how to apply decal stickers
  • Once you have smoothed the decal sticker down by firmly running your hand over it, carefully remove the application tape by peeling it back from one corner as you did with the wax paper in step one.How to Apply Decal Stickers


If you find small bubbles in the decal sticker once it has been applied use a sharp pin or similiar  to prick a small hole in the centre of each bubble and work the air captured within the bubble towards to hole and flatten.

This is How to Apply Decal Stickers using a Dry Application.

If you have any questions on how to apply decal stickers or you wish to ask anything at all please contact us

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