Jun 16

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How to Apply Decal Stickers using Wet Application

How to Apply Decal Stickers using Wet Application

Ever wondered How to Apply Decal Stickers using Wet Application and be able to move them around to get the placement just right and remove any bubbles? this How to explains How to Apply Decal Stickers using the wet application method to firm, clean surfaces and having the ability to remove and re position them the get the Decal Sticker positioned correctly

REMEMBER, you cannot get the Decal Sticker  too wet!  The key to this method is keeping both your vinyls and your application surface wet.

N.B. The correct mixture of soap to water is not a precise science. Basically you want the mixture to feel slippery.  Mix some washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle – such as a window cleaner bottle.Spray the mixture onto your fingers and rub your fingers together. If this feels slippery then your mix is correct.


  • First peel your decal sticker away from the wax paper backing. Leave the application tape and remove only the wax paper at this point. To do this, lay your decal sticker face down on a flat clean surface. Try to find an environment that it is free from wind and weather conditions. From one corner, peel back the wax paper in a diagonal direction keeping the wax paper flat against itself. You will find that you are almost “rolling” the wax paper off. Watch the vinyl part of your decal sticker as it appears from under the wax paper as you go. Peel at a slow and steady rate. If you find that part of the decal sticker starts to lift with the wax paper push the wax paper back down and press firmly over the lifting vinyl part and the peel again. You will find that with practice, this can be done with minimum effort.

How to Apply Decals Stickers

Once the wax paper has been totally removed you will need to apply your mixture of soap and water to the sticky side of your decal sticker. Make sure that the entire surface of the decal sticker is covered with the soapy mixture. After wetting down the adhesive side of the decal sticker, we recommend that you also spray the desired surface with soapy water as well.

  • How to Apply Decal Stickers
  • You will then place your wet decal onto your desired surface. Chances are that the first positioning will not be exactly where you want it. Don’t worry. Carefully lift your decal sticker back up and re position it until you get it just where you want.How to Apply Decal Stickers
  • Use a credit card or squeegee to smooth the decal onto the surface. Start in the centre. With one hand hold the graphic still while using your credit card or squeegee to smooth the graphic. This will push out any left over soapy water or vinyl lube and air bubblesHow to Apply Decal Stickers

N.B. Do not worry if your decal seems a little slippery. Once the soapy water has dried, your decal will be stuck to the surface.

This is How to Apply Decal Stickers using the wet application methodHow to Apply Decal Stickers

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